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    Unanswered: Solutions for rolling out databases

    The database I'm programming at the moment is a very basic emergency plan B for when our sales system goes down. Each of the sales staff will need to have access to it - however, not all of them have MS Access (and can't for whatever reason e.g. bureaucracy etc). I vaguely remember that there was a way of enabling a user to have the front end application without having access installed. Also, if this is the case, are they also able to have their own copy of the data? The reason for this is the table that is in there has a field where they type in the quantity of a product they order and I don't want this to be 'live', as we have many sales staff, all keying in different orders at the same time for different customers. I hope I have explained this adequately and if anyone requires me to explain further give me a shout, cheers.

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    What contigency(s) are you trying to design out. If its literally just the sales system dying, then maybe what you are asking is reasonable. Howevr you go on to suggest that that the company is tight with the cash (fair enough), and that you want each sales person to have their own copy of the data.

    If the contigency you are after a network collapse or server failure / switch failure (ie you can't connect to the main server), then I think its a different problem

    You can run using DAP (Datata Access Pages) but its not a free lunch - you still need a licensce for each person running the DAP - may be cheaper than Access.

    Another approach is Access Runtime - still a cost, which allows you to use Access MDE's without a per seat licensce.

    If the scenario is you loose your link with head office, then Id suggest have a copy of your sales db running locally (updated nightly fromt he main db), if the connection to the outside worl is lost, then connect to that local PC using Access Runtime worksatations.

    IF budget is the main limiting factor then you may need to think outside the box, wonder if you could use Outlook to create a form, pulling data from a local Access source ans sedning the email somewhere. then when you live connection is remade strip out that data and post it to the sales db.

    'fraid its a more information required to get a good stab at your requirements.


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