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    Unanswered: data translation from one language to another


    I have an Oracle database in French language. I need to translate the data in English. Say I have a data migration tool to migrate the data from one source database to a target database(which will not take care of language translation). Can I do this in Oracle using any character settings to translate the object names from french to english on the fly ?


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    Any information about character set conversion in Oracle ?

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    A character set is not a language. Character sets are more or less compatible with languages, but a character set is just a way to code characters with bytes. Oracle can convert between character sets, but that does not mean translation at all.

    AFAIK, Oracle doesn't provide any tool that can translate french to english : you'll have to find one or do it "by hand".

    BTW I don't understand if you want to translate data (the rows in your tables) or metadata (table names...). Unfortunately, be it one or the other, the answer is the same , and seems a tough task to me if your database is big.

    A propos, pourquoi changer ? Le français, c'est bien, non ?

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