You’ve got a great product that you want to share with the rest of the human community on the Internet; if you have a small business, anyone can afford to make the leap using our Business-Kit. Web businesses, home offices, entrepreneurs and ebook sites will find this web site package with real-time graphic statistics, mail server, unlimited mail boxes, and auto responders and forwarders to be the perfect ticket to becoming an e-commerce identity on the Web.

$9.00 /mo, No set-up fee | Up to separate 5 domain
• 10 GB (10000 MB) Storage
• 500 GB (500,000 MB)Transfer

• Server: Windows 2003
• Scripting:: ASP, ASP.NET Framework, CGI BIN, Perl, PHP
• Database::10 MySQL,1 SQL Server, MS-Access
• Web mail
• Control Panel
• FTP Logins
• Custom Error pages
• FrontPage extensions 24 hour unlimited FTP access
• 24 hours Support : Mon-Fri, 8 Hours on weekends
• Raw Log File
• Stats
• ASP Components:: ASPmail, ASPImage, ASPsmartupload, ASPhttp, Jmail, ASPupload
• Custom components
• 30Days Money back guarantee
Extra domain available for $3.50 /mo, extra bandwidth is $2/GB.
We accept payment by Credit card,Paypal

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