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    Question Unanswered: Installation of db2UDB81 takes forever


    The installation of our DB2 installation takes forever. It seems like the installation program tries to lookup all groups and users in our local administrator group on the windows 2003 system. The users and groups come from multiple domains in our forest structure.

    Does anyone know why the installation procedure does this or what might cause the long installation times (4h).


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    I had the exact same issue. When I enabled a trace you could see it request every single user on our domain (about 12,000 in total!).

    If you're willing to skip ahead to v8.2 and a later fixpack, I believe it's been fixed. The fixpacks on the web are full installs, then you just need to apply the license from the CD.
    Jonathan Petruk
    DB2 Database Consultant

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