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    Unanswered: 8.2: TSM & Archive Log

    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data protection, sqlpgArchiveLogFile, probe:3160
    MESSAGE : Failed to archive log file S0000001.LOG to TSM chain 0 from
    C:\DB2\NODE0000\SQL00001\SQLOGDIR\ with rc = 11.

    We are on version 8.2.1 and backup to TSM works fine but archiving log fails !

    Any suggestions...?

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    It looks like TSM has a problem.0011 E DSM_RC_ABORT_NO_REPOSIT_SPACE Explanation: The server does not have any space available to store the object. System Action: TSM ended the current operation. User Response: You can take any of the following actions: v Request the system administrator to add space to the storage pool. v For TSM client, set COMPRESSALWAYS=NO and COMPRESSIon=YES in the options file (DSM.OPT), then the file will be resent uncompressed if it grows during compression. v For API Applications, consult the application’s documentation for recommendations regarding compression. v Turn off disk caching in the disk storage pool, and issue MOVE DATA commands to each disk pool volume to clear out the cached bitfiles.
    Talk to your TSM admin.

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    there is plenty of space in the dbpool disk pool and backup always works fine.

    I am not sure if there has to be a separate pool for logs !

    Thanks for help.

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