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    Unanswered: anyone knows how to change the shared memory segment size

    i got SQL1220N on db2start (LINUX OS). after analysing, i found the ipcs -l shows interesting entries:
    -bash-3.00$ ipcs -l

    ------ Shared Memory Limits --------
    max number of segments = 2048
    max seg size (kbytes) = 4194303
    max total shared memory (kbytes) = 16384
    min seg size (bytes) = 1

    ------ Semaphore Limits --------
    max number of arrays = 1024
    max semaphores per array = 250
    max semaphores system wide = 256000
    max ops per semop call = 32
    semaphore max value = 32767

    ------ Messages: Limits --------
    max queues system wide = 1024
    max size of message (bytes) = 8192
    default max size of queue (bytes) = 16384

    "max total shared memory" is only 16M.
    i'm woundering how to increase that value.
    I have no exp on Linux administration, just woundering if anyone can give fast solution here?

    note: When I look at the file /procs/sys/kernel/shmmax I see it already set to 512000000 but the shmmax from ipcs -l is still at 16384.

    i know this is more like linux admin problem, just hope some one seen it before
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    That's a typical googly question. Since you've failed to mention your Linux distribution you'll have to figure out the answer by yourself.

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