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    Unanswered: assigning adodb recordset to form


    Im working on a upsizing project with a sql-server backend.
    The following problem occured: in the open-form method I defined an ADODB recordset, specified the connection, cursortype, cursorlocation, locktype and assigned the opened recordset to the form.
    That works fine, all fields where shown, the recordset can be modified directly with form.recordset("fieldname") = "xyz" but: when I try to modify the field via the bound control like form.control.value = "xyz" there comes the error 2077: recordset cannt be updated.

    Is there something special with that kind of recordset handling? The same sql-statement bound to the form works fine also with updating.


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    Have a look at your recordset. ADO is very picky about what it will allow you to update. Lack of primary key, joins... there is a lot that will make an ADO dataset cranky.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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