Hello All,

I have the following problem. I believe it is a bug on the MS-Analysis Services side, but don't know, how to solve it.

My System:
- MS Windows 2003 Server
- MS SQL-Server 2000 Enterprise (SP4)
- MS Analysis Services 2000 Enterprise (SP4)


Ther are several roles defined for a Cube, like Admins, Users etc. Sometimes get the users who are defined in the Users-Role a warn-message. It says like: You can not access this Cube because you do not have any permissions on this Cube.

After displaying this message, I have checked the Users-Role for this Cube. Its check-box is active - it means Users-Role should actualy have fully permissions. But it is not so If you click on "Test Role", it returns the same warn-message as mentioned.

A temporary solution is to deactivate and activate the Users-Role manualy, then it works for a time.

Does anybody have an experience like this and what is the reason/solution for that?

Thanks alot in advance