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    Question Unanswered: referencing value in where clause


    is it possible to reference a value in a where clause?

    select * from staff where salary > 5000;
    'staff' is a view and depending on the comparison value (here 5000) which is placed in the above select statement I would need to calculate another value. At the moment I solved the problem by an additional field which gets filled from an extra table which has to be updated with an extra job regularly.

    It is important that the 'users' can work with normal SQL syntax, having them to add function calls or something like this is not an option.

    Thanks in advanve for any help!

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    Can you elaborate a bit further on your question, what other tabel are you referring to, what other field has to be calulated. Perhaps you can provide an example. I don't understand what the problem is.
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    I do not understand your problem.

    You have a value, lets say 5000, in your select statement.
    What else exactly you need to calculate with it ?

    If it is a program, how about using a variable (parameter marker, static: host variable) ? That can be re-used.

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