I have a database Oracle9i on AIX5.2. and installed Oracle Apache with mod_plsql. I configured folowing files:httpd.conf, plsql.conf (where I indicated "modplsql.so" as LoadModule and "/pls" as Location).
The Apache Oracle Serwer started with "apachectl start" and sites defined in httpd.conf were show properly.
I would configure DAD so I type http://my_iport/pls/admin_/gateway.htm in my browser IE and obtain HTTP404. My wdbhsvr.app file include following directives:
defaultDAD = DAD
administratores= all
adminPath = /admin_/ ... and other " simple or not defined".
I don't know how configure DAD and why this site doesn' t open properly?
Should I install other packages that I may use PL/SQLGateway ?

Thanks Pioboi