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    Unanswered: text boxes problem...

    Hi im trying to use text boxes to show text (that I have wrote in design view) on a form. I realise that i should have used labels but how can I show the text that I wrote in the text boxes on the form when the project runs?

    I.E in Design view the text boxes have what i WANT written BUT when RUNNING it says "#name?" on the text boxes.

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    Why don't you delete the text boxes and replace then with labels ? Something tells me there's more to your problem than i currently understand.

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    i have written a lot in the text boxes Chris!
    is there a text box property that enables text to be default text and remain untouchable when the form runs?

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    uh, copy and paste the text into a label?

    You have two options here, you can create a whole bunch of unnecessary work for yourself trying to format a textbox to act like a label, OR you can use a label.

    If you're dead set on the way that's going to get you ushered out of your position because someone like me has been hired to clean up your bizarre design practices, you could do it like this:

    ="Your text here."

    Then set .enabled = false
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    If you are getting a #name? error then most likely you need to add and equals sign in front of what you have typed. If you put and expression in the text box's Control Source property then you need to put an '=' at the beginning so Access knows to evaluate the expression. Without the =, Access is looking to match you 'Name' to a bound field name in the query or table.

    Two examples:

    ="This is the current date " & Format(Date(),"m,d,yyyy")



    The first example is evaluated to show:
    This is the current date 12/14/2005

    The second example looks for a field named CurrentDate to show its value.

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