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Thread: -805 in Db2

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    Unanswered: -805 in Db2

    There is a problem with a DB2 COBOL program.
    This program has a cursor to read a Db2 table. The first read of the table goes on fine.
    The subsequent reads also go on fine as long as the call to another program is skipped.

    If however, the other program is called, the next fetch from the table (cursor) in the main program fails with SQL code of -805.
    This -805 SQL code occurs only if the other program is called.

    Along with the SQL code of -805, the following details are being set:

    SQLCABC > +000000136

    SQLCODE > -000000805

    SQLERRML > +0046

    SQLERRMC > N090DSN..E8...&...0004500C022CF339.E8785EMQ.03


    SQLERRD > -000000250, +000000000, +000000000, -000000001, +000000000

    E8785EMQ is the plan name. We use packages for binding with the plan.

    We checked the contoken between DBRM and SYSIBM.SYSPACKAGE. They are matching.
    Please help us to fix this issue. We tried rebinding several times. But still the issue is coming up.

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    It looks to me the plan name in the called program doesn't match with the table in calling program. Bind the called program with correct plan name.

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