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    Unanswered: Export to text tab delimited file

    I am trying to export to a text tab delimited file. That is all fine, but I have a problem with one column. It is a column containing numbers. In the text file it shows it as a number with 2 decimals. I want to have zero decimals. I tried to manipulate the query with round function but that does not work. In the export specification I cannot change it somehow. Any ideas?

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    When you say it didn't work do you mean you couldn't get round to work in the query or it wouldn't export properly?

    Anyway - try using the Fixed format, 0 decimal places properties of the column or try the following function (also avoids the semi-arbitary rounding of .5 of the round function as a handy extra):
     CINT([MyColWithDecs] + 0.5) AS MyColWithoutDecs
    Also, unless absolutely necessary I would always advise exporting and storing unrounded numbers - rounding should be considered a presentation issue really. Depends on your reuirement of course.

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