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    Unanswered: Linking Multiple Dbs

    I am trying to link several databases. One is an ArcView Database that uses dbf format, an Access db. The Access db is a commercial program that I don't want to mess with so I plan on attaching another identical Access db that I can put custom forms, queries, tables, etc. in. This db will have an extra table. So far I can do this.

    I also want to use Arpad Application builder to build a form for a PDA to get data that will ultimated go into the clone Access db. This Arcpad system can only work with dbf format tables.

    Is there some sort of freeware db program that uses dbf format that I can link with Access or some way to just have a dynamic link to a dbf table?


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    If you can provide (attach) a small sample ArcView DB and a small sample Access DB then we can see what can be done.

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    How about linking to the .dbf tables from within the Access database:

    File | Get External Data | Link Tables...
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    Linking Dbs

    I'll see what I can do to provide a small sample ArcView Db. It a huge db and it's also on a network where I don't have access to the tables.

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