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    Unanswered: Good asp programing with SQL

    Hi all,

    If ne one has ne ideas, or links to a good vb resource aimed specificly at good MYSQL/SQL programming practices and optimization it would be much appreciated, so far I have called each column by name and checked and closed all records & trying not to over use trim etc.

    but ARG!... I still need more SPEED!!!


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    Some performance links (although my guess is that you may need a faster Web host):

    Speed Tips by Charles Carroll

    J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
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    Hey thnx for the link have been a bit busy ovr the festives (sobering up), but it has been vry handy cheers

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    are you usign MySQL or MS SQL for the database ?

    have you been able to isolate what is the biggest time hogs in your script ?
    put time outputs (write the time to the screen) before and after each SQL statement you run. this will help you see what is taking a long time to run.

    are you using the most effecient connection strings ?
    i had a site that was using what i thuoght was a good connection string. it worked on 5 other sites i had...
    but it turned out that the database driver was different on this site and it would cause the connection string to take sometimes up to 45 seconds JUST to get a connection. after that it woudl fly.
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