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    Trying to speed up a mysql vb app using alot of selcts,
    and string number manipulation/valadation,
    ne hints tips and links many thnx

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    Uhhh.. that's a little broad...
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    hmm... ok I am searching through one index but its by no means unique, and from there I am accessing foriegn key information.

    I have looked at all my index's and used EXPLAIN to analyze my queries, have tinkered with the MYSQL configuration table_cache etc but not 2 confident with this side of things, and have tried to minimise the use of trim() etc. Just wondering if there are ne tips ne one would know how to use my code more efficiently.

    If there is ne thing you need to know in order to help please, just detail the information u require.

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