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    Unanswered: Online or offline backup?

    If we want to replace our current production server with DB2 UDB 8.1 on AIX 5.3 and use redirected restore for the production databases to be “copied” into our new db2 with server. Which backup is more appropriate for our databases that have not too much but constant data change? Our current database is set archieved log. We’re afraid that it could take us up to a few days to complete the whole process including server setup DB2 installation and database restore. Online backup seem to be able to roll-forward to the point of the latest transaction log after the backup was made. It seems a right way to do the backup for us. However, it is saying that “in order to restore a recoverable database (using version recovery and roll-forward recovery), the database must be taken offline.” On the page of which caused us confusion. We hope someone who can give us an answer.

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    if you have the backup file (online backup) and log files, you can restore a db and rollforward the transactions through the available logfiles, as far as available in the shipped/copied logs. transactions that are not finished in available logs will not be applied
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