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    Angry Unanswered: Showing One Cell for Each Value

    I have a set of data that automatically refreshes everytime you open the workbook. Upon refresh, a field holding the specific code for each row populates. This code can appear more than once based on the type of data in a row. Are you with me so far? Its not that confusing.

    What I want to do is in a seperate worksheet, have a column that updates to show the different codes that appear, with each row in the column representing one instance of a code appearing in the raw data.

    Is there a formula for all this or do I have to visit VBA again..and if so, what the hell is the code for it! Argggggh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mc_tuppz
    Are you with me so far? Its not that confusing.
    Good thing your standing here so you can see the perplexed look on my face - duh.

    Try a Pivot Table. They work very well for this kind of thing. Just drag your field name onto the Row Fields area and it will create a unique list of values in the field. You can set the pivot options to refresh the pivot table on open so it should update with your variable data. This should work if you are having codes as text values in each cell. If what you mean by codes are formulas in the cells, well then you'll most likely need to write code to get this.


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