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    Question Unanswered: What database should I use?

    I am teaching myself application design and so I'm making a basic address book, where users log in with their ssn (not worrying about security here) and then their information comes up and they can edit it and save it and logout.

    I want to store my data in some kind of relational database that a program can access without the use of a database server. I want to store my data in some kind of xml file perhaps, like for instance in this cruddy example:

    <user ssn="user's ssn">
    // user data goes here (address, phone #, etc.)
    // and then it would go on to more users

    I'm guessing I would use a text based relational xml database according to this website:

    Does anybody know what database I should use?

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    How long is a piece of string

    it depends on a multitude of factors, price, performace, experience
    its not just the cost of the database product, its also the cost of the development environemnt you use tointerface with the data store - in some cases thats free, or cheap

    there are some who may say that a text based XML data storage then an appropriate method is a flat file, if so then the data could be created and maintained using somehting like wordpad or notepad or a wod processor. if you want to do more than 'just' store contact details then maybe a more conventional data storage method is required.

    What appropriate for you isn't necesarily appropriate for others, whats easy to use now may not be appropriate in futuure years.

    AFAIK the jury is still out on XML databases, however I'd suggest that that is a fallacy. Its actually quite easy to get data from a conventional relational database and send it to the client program as an XML data stream.

    I thik the real queation is "What are you hoping to achieve from this exercise?"

    If you already have an XML schema which is setup for your data then its probably a very easy way of storing very simple data such as names & addresses. I wouldn't want to use soemthing like XML as a native storage medium for anything remotely complex than that. I think its a very flexible way of presenting data to humans. I remain to be convinced that the XML storage is remotely usefull if you have to do complex searches to find information. Again I suspect XML advocates would probably suggest that the XML plusses are in the ease of display or representing to a viewer, and not ease of stroage or retireval.


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    You can build this web application and make it web based in a matter of minutes using Caspio Bridge. For more information, go to:

    Here is the link to the documentation on how to build it:


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