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    Unanswered: Insert Dynamic form fields into DB

    I have a bunch fo dynamic form fields that contain string,numeric and date fields that I need to insert into a database. I'm not sure how I can write my insert and update statements based on these fields to know where to put quotes and where not to put them. Has anyone done something like this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You need to get hold of script writing with how-to database book. check my posting about "Web Database"

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    The normal approach with this sort of thing is to use a naming scheme that identifies the type of field you are trying to insert/update...

    eg. numHouses, txtAddress1, datToday

    You can grab the first three letters of the field name to know what data type it is and from that determine how to structure your sql.

    Of course this is assuming you are creating your sql on the file and I don't really recommend that but... it's your call.

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    And has some short database examples. I believe the method used there is to save a recordset. The other way would be to use an INSERT SQL statement instead of a SELECT...
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