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    Unanswered: Wrong totals from LEFT JOIN

    Hi all,


    I'm stucked with the sql below. I'm trying to get the total count from two scores tables (tbl_scores, tbl_scores2). Both tables have the common columns id, level and score but differ in other columns.

    SELECT COUNT(*) AS done, AVG(score) AS avg_score
          FROM tbl_scores
          LEFT JOIN tbl_scores2
          AND tbl_scores.level=?
          HAVING avg_score > 70
          AND done > 100
    Update: The above sql is flawed because "score" is ambiguous

    I'm getting the wrong totals for count. Let's say I've 10 rows from "tbl_scores" and 5 rows from "tbl_scores2" for a given member_id, instead of getting 15, I'm getting a bigger total.

    Is my sql flawed?

    Thanks in anticipation

    Question Reprase: How do I get the average value of an item from two tables, accompanied by a count of the selected item from both tables?

    The following sql gets me the respective totals and counts:

    SELECT COUNT(*) AS done, SUM(score) AS total
      FROM test_scores1
      WHERE test_scores1.member_id=1
      AND test_scores1.level='5'
      UNION ALL SELECT COUNT(*) AS done2, SUM(score) AS total2
      FROM test_scores2
      WHERE test_scores2.member_id=1
      AND test_scores2.level='5'
    #Result of query:
    done | total
    6    | 480
    3    | 200
    That gives a grand total of 680 and an average of 75.5.

    Is there a way to get the value of 75.5 (the aggregate average) and the total count of 9 from the two tables?
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