Hello, first time i am posting here, i need some help in a matter, if any one could help me i really apreciated.

I've done a backup with arcserve 9, but the tape became full and ask me for a 2 tape, but i dont put that 2 tape, and canceled the job. the backup recorded to the tape 4 sessions, the first 3 sessions are ok, but the fourth session is not complete, its 300kb to the end. and is that one that i need to restore. when i do the merge of the tape the first 3 session apears,and they are ok, bue in the fourth session he ask me to put the 2 tape to continue the merge, but i dont have any 2 tape.

My question is how can i restore the 4 session that is not closed but have 180Gb of information????

Any one can help me???

many thanks