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    hie all...

    im trying to edit this report which my colleague did with oracle builder...

    i want to add the date and time the report was run and also currently i have to open the report builder to view it...

    i heard there is a way to just pop up the form and let the report compile itself and show me the result.... maybe like an exe file

    anyone knows ??

    attached on how the report looks like
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    To add (system) date and time into the report, I *think* you have to user Report Builder and add appropriate field(s) in the Paper Layout. Honestly, I've never heard of such a utility that would add this data during the runtime. It *might* exist, but I don't know anything about it.

    However, there is possibility to RUN (not edit) a report from the command line, without opening it in the Report Builder. Command line should look like this (or its modifications) (MS Windows version):

    C:\ora10\bin\rwrun rob_trafo.rep userid=un/pw@ora8i destype=file desname=rob.html desformat=html

    It will generate output file in the current directory; you can open it using any browser.

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