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    Unanswered: ERD + MS Access = MySQL DB?

    I need to make a MySQL database that satisfies my ERD. I know MS Access somewhat well and can create the database that way, but it does not show supertypes/subtypes, barred relationships, non-transferrability (diamond), recursive relationships, and the optionality of the relationship.

    I have a Access to MySQL programs that generates the SQL of the Access database.

    I have phpmyadmin on the MySQL server I will be using. However, I cannot enter the foreign keys, etc. using phpmyadmin.

    1. How do I implement supertypes/subtype relationships using SQL?
    2. How do I implement barred relationships using SQL?
    3. How do I show foreign keys using SQL?
    4. How do I show optionality of a relationship using SQL?
    5. Are there any programs that convert an ERD to SQL?

    Attached is the relationship window from Access and the ERD for the database if any one wants to take a look.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails access.JPG   ERD1.JPG  

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