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    Unanswered: interractive sql script

    hello, experts
    There's a table called seminars which tracks whether or not a certain seminar is being given on a given date.
    It's awkwardly defined, since seminars are defined as columns rather than rows, but I can't do much about that right now.

    Ok, so it has 9 columns called: date, seminar1, seminar2, seminar3, seminar4, seminar5, seminar6, seminar7, seminar8
    The availability is being tracked by using 0 to signify that seminar is being given on that date and 1 to signify that it's not.
    So, here's the DDL for this goofy table:

    create table seminars(
    day date,
    seminar1 number(1),
    seminar2 number(1),
    seminar3 number(1),
    seminar4 number(1),
    seminar5 number(1),
    seminar6 number(1),
    seminar7 number(1),
    seminar8 number(1));

    so a typical insert into that table would something like this:

    insert into seminars values

    This is what I need to be able to do. I'd want to come up with a little SQL or PL/SQL script that would prompt me for a date and the seminar number, and then report back to me whether or not that particular seminar is being given on that date, and if it's not given, I want it to tell me the next date that it's being given.

    Any pointers? I am quite comfortable with CRUD operations in sql, but have never written interractive scripts, and have not used PL/SQL.

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    >but have never written interractive scripts, and have not used PL/SQL
    FYI - PL/SQL is NOT interactive!
    Wrong tool for the job.
    Who is the instructor & what is the class?
    I suggest that you, RTFM
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    thanks, that link was actually helpful for the other question I posted

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