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    Unanswered: Can I create the Server in the outlook with MS Access?

    I have a question.
    I am using Lotus Notes with database server.
    However, in the future, we will not use Lotus Notes, we will use MS Access and Outlook.
    I want to do action as similar as Lotus Notes, because Lotus Notes has database, whereas outlook does not have it.

    Can I create the server in the outlook with MS Access?
    Is it possible to work?
    (I think that they cannot be setup (same as Lotus Notes), right)

    I am not sure, I am beginner on Outlook. I never used it before.

    So far, I just know that MS Access can link the table with Outlook. However, the table fields are fixed by Outlook. I cannot customize/create my own fields in the table and link to the outlook (we can append the new fields only). In contrast, I cannot customize/create my own fields in the table of the outlook and link to the MS Access.

    Please let me know, thanks a lot.

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    H'm now let me see
    you are, or will be using Outlook (Presume you really mean you are switching to Exchange Server, using outlook as the email client).
    you are using access.

    the problem is that you can't change the data format in Outlook.

    So create a table in Access which supports what you want to do, with a one to one relationship tying back to the record in outlook using the unique key discovered in the outlook record.

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