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    Unanswered: subform filtered on other subform

    Its too late, its almost christmas, and I'm about to cough up a frog over this.

    I've got a form setup with 3 sub forms, two of them are statically bound, but the third is unbound by default.

    When pressing a specific button, one should receive one of 4 forms in the 3rd unbound form, but only showing records related to the record in one of the other forms.

    That is, the master field is within a subform... I've given up the object11.sourceobject = "details" and object12.linkmasterfields and coding the buttons to just assign object and linkmasterfields etc. Mainly because I cant get linkmasterfield to refer to another subforms fields... and I doubt that is possible.

    So what I need now, is a good tip on how to filter a subforms rowsource with a value from another subform. I just can't keep track of it all right now.. I need vacation.. sigh.


        uo_skifter.SourceObject = "detaljer"
        Forms![Detaljer].FilterOn = True
        Forms![Detaljer].Filter = "Producent = " & Str(Me.uo_prod!txt_id.Value)
    this is pretty much what I want...
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    sidestepping your question ('cos i don't do filters)
    attached is a demo illustrating how you talk to subforms

    NOTE that the demo deliberately does not use the name of the .sourceobject form as the name of the subform control in the hope the distinction between the two names becomes clearer.

    (and what on earth was Mr Gates thinking of when he auto-default-names the subform control with the name of the first form you drag in! mad as a hatter!)


    LATER: added frmAnother to the demo
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