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    Unanswered: Email Address from my DB

    Hello Everyone,

    I need help with the following php script.

    I have the following statement:

    $tmpemailreminder = mysql_query("
    SELECT reminder , reminded, emailtoperson1, emailtoperson2, emailtoperson3,
    email_address, emailme
    FROM reminder, users
    WHERE reminder.username = users.username
    AND reminder.reminderdate = SUBDATE(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 1 DAY)
    AND reminder.status = 'Open'
    AND reminder.reminded = 'N
    '", $conn) or die('Query failed: ' . mysql_error());

    The fields emailtoperson1, emailtoperson2, emailtoperson3 and email_address are populated with email address.

    The idea is to run a loop and
    if emailme = 'Y' then send email to email_address, with subject "Reminder" and body "reminder"

    if emailtoperson1 IS NOT NULL then send email to emailtoperson1, with subject "Reminder" and body "reminder"

    if emailtoperson2 IS NOT NULL then send email to emailtoperson2, with subject "Reminder" and body "reminder"

    if emailtoperson3 IS NOT NULL then send email to emailtoperson3, with subject "Reminder" and body "reminder"

    Can someone help me with this. I noticed that PEAR::Mail is on our server and would like to use this.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


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    Sounds like a PHP question.

    Get the email addresses, do what you want with them, then use mail()

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