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    Unanswered: smalldatetime query

    Hi Folks

    Im using SQL 2000.

    Is it possible to have a query that does the following....

    select * where myDate = current year

    I am wanting to display results purely from the current year automatically.

    Any pointers will be great.

    Thanks all

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    Hello donaldt

    As I understood, you would like to query the data based on year.
    Since Northwind database comes with all the copies of SQL server 2000, I will use that database to do this query.

    USE Northwind

    SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE YEAR(HireDate) = '1993'


    I hope this answer helped you on your project. If you have problems understanding something, I will be glad to assist you.

    All the best,

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    select * from table_name where year(myDate) = year(getdate())
    -- or
    select * from table_name where datediff(year,myDate,getdate())=0
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