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Thread: DTS Problem

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    Unanswered: DTS Problem

    Hi Folks,
    I have a two node cluster and I have a DTS package, which transfers data from a text file to the database. The problem is like it runs fine when the cluster is in its base node(Node1) but when ever the cluster fails overs (to node2) the dts job fails saying that the path not found.

    1. The drive is a dependent resource to sql server.

    2. When I try to run the DTS package itself (from node2) its running fine.

    any insights guys?

    with smiles

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    How is the file referenced in the DTS package (ie, is it UNC)?

    Is there possibly a permissions issue (Log in to Node two as the SQL Service account and attempt to run the DTS package)?

    I have a similar set up with a two-node cluster and a DTS package that references a cluster disk. No issues that I am aware of.

    Please provide a bit more detail.


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