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    Unanswered: How to copy MSSQL DB


    I'm a newbie with MSSQL. I hv MSSQL 7.0 running successfully on my notebook as a test environment & the folder is \MSSQL7\DATA. We have a production server running live. There are 2 files called recruitment.mdf & recruitment_log.ldf which resides on the server but is not in my notebook. When i copy it to my notebook, the Enterprise Mgr does not recognise it. It does not show in the database list. Why? What shld I do?? I wud appreciate step-by-step instructions. Thanks

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    What do u mean "Enterprise Mgr does not recognise it"? U just copied the mdf and ldf files, or u have attached the database but still not show up at Enterprise Manager, or u even failed to attach it?
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    on the wrong server
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    please see the sp_attach_db and sp_detach_db system stored procedures in sql server book online. You can also do a backup and restore using the replace argument of the RESTORE DATABASE command over a blank database. The former is what I usually do. I do not think SQL 7 had the copy database wizard (that was so long ago) but if it does, stay away from it. It's a pain.
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