Hello friends,

I'm trying to solve a problem on structure or maybe query(ies) for a catalog / search feature. The system is to be used on a cataloging database where records of different clinical cases may be searched. The most aproximate model I found was like an image bank system. The two systems side by side below:
** The image bank system **
They have Categories, Sub-Categories, Keywords, Concepts, Styles for images.

** My needs **
I have Classifications, Sub-classifications, Keywords, Incidents type, Place

What I need is to get results for example on Accidents (Classifcation), that was a suicide attempt (Sub-classification), where "car", "cliff", "crash", "non fatal" (Keywords), driving (Incident type) and New England (Place).

The inputs are made by checkboxes and I want to enable that one or more items in each group (Categories, Sub-categories, etc.) can be selected to search only the data that meets all the selected parameters.

Well, thanks inadvance for any help that might help me clarify the structur or queries.