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    I have a database that tracks staff training in a health trust. It's pretty simple, tb_staff, tb_courses_done which is 1:n and a tb_courses 1:n on the staff_id of tb_courses_done.

    I want to know how to go about adding a table(s) that will allow me to book staff onto courses and track if they attended or not. At present it's 1 staff member has many courses so any courses entered are "done." I have a main form with staff details and it has a subform where I add completed courses.

    Hope that's clear?

    Thomas J Marshall

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    I think you need to revist the design, as you have already identified
    you probably need
    a table to contain details of courses (eg course type / name)
    a table detailing the schedule of courses (ie when and where)
    possibly a table defining where courses are held
    possibly a table defining people planning / or booking to attend a specific course (ou could include in this the outcome of their attendance (pass / fail / resit)

    you may find other tables defining linked or related courses usefull, possibly a course type eg midwifery, neonatal

    these tables would replace the course attneded table you already have.

    strictly speaking a staff member may attend many courses, its conceivable one staff member may attend multiple courses of the same type (if say they fail and have to resit the course)
    equally a course may comprise multiple sessions
    a course may comprise multiple sessions (either different days for the the same material, OR mutliple dates for the same / related material). IE A course may have repeat sessions throughout the year, or may comprise mulitple sessions)
    so you have a 1:M for a member of staff on an instance of a training course
    you have a 1:M for a course which comprises individual sessions or instances of the course

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