Hello all,

I have installed Oracle Server on a Windows XP SP2 machine and installed Oracle client on a Windows 2000 SP4 machine. I have no problems connecting to the Server machine through Enterprise Manager. If I try to connect through the jdbc driver 'ojdbc14.jar', I get a successfull connection very rarely and most of the time the following error is returned:

Io exception: Connection refused
(DESCRIPTION=(TMP=)(VSNNUM=153092352)(ERR=12500)(E RROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12500)(EMFI=4))(ERROR=(COD E=12537)(EMFI=4))(ERROR=(CODE=12560)(EMFI=4))(ERRO R=(CODE=507)(EMFI=4))(ERROR=(BUF='32-bit Windows Error: 109: Unknown error'))))

I do not get this error though if I try to connect to the database from the server machine through the jdbc! My guess is that there are security issues I need to disable in Windows XP..! Should I use an later jdbc driver or can someone tell me how to prevent this connection error.

Please help...