New to SQL2005/SSIS, somewhat experienced with SQL2000/DTS. I have two identical databases, "AppMaster" and "AppTest", on the same instance of SQL Server 2005 Developer. I make changes to the table structure of AppMaster, and then propagate the database structure (no data) to AppTest. This used to work fine with SQL 2000/DTS, but I can't get it to work with SQL 2005/SSIS.

I created an SSIS package with a single Transfer SQL Server Objects task with the following:
- single connection to server (local)
- SourceDatabase = "AppMaster"
- DestinationDatabase = "AppTest"
- CopyAllTables = True
- CopyAllStoredProcedures = True
- CopyIndexes = True
- CopyPrimaryKeys = True
- CopyForeignKeys = True

When I execute the package it completes successfully. I get several messages in the Output Windows stating that:
- "...There are no Logins to transfer."
- "...There are no Users to transfer."
and on and on... There are no references to tables, stored procs, or any of the other things for which I set Copy = True. When I check the AppTest database in Management Studio, the AppTest database has not changed.

BTW - I tried running the package using a single connection for both databases, then with separate connections. No difference.

So I'm at a loss. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks for any help.