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    Unanswered: Sql server service blocking

    Hello All

    I have w2k enterprise sql server with 2k3 windows enterprise. 180 users connects and runs video editing system. user connection value of Sql server:General Statistics is about 1400.

    I upgraded my hardware from 4X xeon 2.2ghz. server to 8XAMD opteron dual core CPUs server system.

    after this upgrade, in the day time (I mean work hours), sql server service is hanging or blocking randomly. there is no lock,no cpu load. during this blocking period, I can connect to server via remote desktop, whne I checked the disks, I can read data from disk. There is no error or warning in the events before the blocking time. In this period I can not login but if a user has already logged in he/she can run some queries in the begining of the period, but after 2-3 minutes nobody can run any query.

    Do you have any idea about the reason or any suggestion to trace?

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    I'd open an incident with the hardware supplier. This sounds like a known problem with multi-cpu Opteron systems to me, and if it is it then the solution is an OEM specific HAL upgrade from the vendor.


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