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    Unanswered: Please, please, please can someone help....php5 not recognizing mySQL

    This has caused me untold stress as I've searched the web, posted on forums for a while but no one can tell what's wrong!

    I'm trying to set up a WAMP environment on my Win XP Pro laptop. I've got Apache 2.0, php 5.0 working fine but for some reason php won't recognize mySQL (version 4.0).

    When I start my laptop I get an alert box saying
    "php startup: unable to load dynamic library c:\php5\ext\php_mysql.dll - The specified procedure could not be found."

    But I definetly DO have php_mysql.dll in c:\php5\ext\ ! Can anyone shine some light on this please!

    I've posted before on other forums but no one seems to be able to help..............just hoping someone out there has the answer!


    For further info here's all what I've done

    1) Edited the Apache configuration file: (C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf)

    Added the following lines at the right places

    LoadModule php5_module c:\php5apache2.dll
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .html

    2) From c:\php5 took php.ini-recommended and placed it into c:\WINDOWS and renamed it as php.ini

    3) From c:\php5 taken php5ts.dll and placed it into c:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\

    4) Also got a copy of php5ts.dll into c:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\

    5) Copied both libmysql.dll and libmysqli.dll to c:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\

    6) Uncommented the lines extension=php_mysql.dll extension=php_mysqli.dll in the php.ini

    7) Also I have a copy of libmysql.dll in c:\php5\ext\

    8) 5) Copied both libmysql.dll and libmysqli.dll to c:\WINDOWS\

    9) Set the extension_dir in php.ini to the ext directory of my php5 installation e.g. extension_dir=C:\php5\ext

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    I would suggest you to read

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    Thank you for your reply and I don't mean to sound harsh but this is why I'm stressed out! I read this thread over 6 months ago done everything the people who wrote to it suggested and still the problem remained! Which was exactly my point. I certainly appreciate everyone's help but no one can come up with the answer!

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