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    Unanswered: Setting up independent users -- simple question

    I'm entirely new to database administration (though I took a course in college on database usage with Oracle) and have been asked to set up a database system for multiple users on one of the department's servers. Each user will have access to his or her own private database and tables and there will never be any need for users to access each others' databases/tables/etc.

    Would the correct way to go about doing this be:

    1) Create a seperate database for each user (from my root account), e.g. alicedb for Alice, bobdb for Bob, and so on, and then
    2) Grant all privileges on each database to the respective user, e.g. Alice gets full privileges on alicedb, Bob gets full privileges on bobdb, etc.

    Would this be sufficient to allow users to create, query/select, and drop tables (and create views and so on)? Is there a better way of doing things? What kind of breakage might I have to deal with if a user has full privileges on a database?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I notice you haven't received a reply. Your strategy looks correct to me. In fact, you can micromanage each user's privileges to allow different activities. User management is pretty easy with PostgreSQL administration tools such as pgAdmin III (comes free with the PostgreSQL distribution) or, I think even more easily with the modestly priced pg Lightning Admin.

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