Hi folks; hope everyone is cool as always.

there's a situation:
i've a job MY_JOB; that job calls a proc PROC_A.
PROC_A calls a DTSPACKAGE to create and EXCEL report.

MY_JOB is running for past 8 hours; i tried stoping it and the SPID 49 that run the job is in ROLLBACK/KILLED mode.
I see DTSRUN.EXE (total of 5) in the SYSTEM-MANAGER processes.

I need to ENDPROCESS the particular dtsrun.exe that was called by SPID49 from Systemmanager.

My question is; CAN I IDENTIFY WHICH DTSRUN.EXE is the one that was called by SPID 49 in SQL.

any way of locating the child processes of the parent process in systemanager??
this happens at times on production; and we have to kill the DTSRUN.EXE to stop the SPID in SQL-SERVER.
i wonder there must be some undocument tables to track child process IDs.
PLEASE ADVISE. thank you.