My name is Matt and im a respresentative of Atoxx Hosting. We are a reputable US hosting company offering all sorts of Hosting.
I have created this topic to make you aware of an offer my webhosting company has avalible,
It is a Christmas Special and is only avalible for a certain amount of time.

What we are offering is 1 Gigabite of WebSpace !! 50gb of Bandwidth Transfer with that aswell.

But that's not all

You can have

- Unlimited Databases (MySQL)
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Unlimited POP Accounts
- Unlimited Email Aliases
- Have upto 10!! Domains hosted with your account
- Unlimted Subdomains

All this for $50 a year

..basically thats $4 a month which for all that personally I feel is a good deal.

If your worried about the server reliability dont be, our server is

+ Dual Xeon 2.0 Ghz (4.0 Ghz in total)
+ 1.5 Gb RAM
+ 100 Mbs Internet Connectivity
+ Runs Fedora Core 4
+ Supported languages: PHP / MySQL / Perl (CGI) / Python
+ Installes libs: GD, FreeTypes, PDF, FTP

If you have any questions please don't hesistate to contact me at


Thank You For Your Time


Atoxx Hosting (www.atox.us)