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    Unanswered: Supress Status Bar when Loading Images

    I am using the code below to display several images for each record in a MS access form.

    Me![ImageFrame].Picture = Me![ImagePath]

    Me![ImageFrame2].Picture = Me![ImagePath2]

    Me![ImageFrame3].Picture = Me![ImagePath3] ....

    the image path is stored in a table, and when the form loads, or cycles to the next record, the images are displayed. When each image loads, a status bar appears in the center of the screen as the image loads.

    I have 6 images that can be associated with each record, but when the form loads, the scroll bar runs 6 times as each image loads.

    Is there a way to suppress this status bar?

    Thanks - AB

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    Google is my friend - see if this helps

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