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    Unanswered: Forum activity going waaaaaay down ? !! ??

    Hiyas. I used to be a frequent poster on this forum almost 1 year ago, many of you may know me. Well, I am back now since I've got a job on oracle (again -- this time is for real), but nonetheless, I have been noticing that the forum is not anymore active as it used to be. I remember coming here at 8:00 AM in the morning and had to scroll two pages to see the questions for the day and I am wondering what is happening. It is because of the time we are (christmas) ? Or has the forum definitively gone down ?

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    People learned how to use Oracle and do not have new questions any more

    Just kidding! There are days with more traffic here and days with less traffic; it is the end of the year and I guess people are taking a break at work (I mean, they stay at home, like - for example - I do) for a week or two. Moreover, Christmas time, just like other holidays, brings less posts than usual. Plus, every forum has its better and worse days.

    And yes, I remember you; I'm glad we have you back

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