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    Unanswered: Resetting pasword

    I have this error when a user wanted to reset his or her password using PHP codes.
    This is the error below:

    Warning: fopen(H:\RESET) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in H:\Apache2\htdocs\LOGIN\user_auth_fns.php on line 106
    Your password could not be reset - please try again later.

    I have created this directory but it is still giving the same error.

    Also line 106 of user_auth_fns.php is here below: $dictionary = 'H:\RESET'; // the ispell dictionary while other lines are here below:

    function get_random_word($min_length, $max_length)
    // grab a random word from dictionary between the two lengths
    // and return it
       // generate a random word
      $word = '';
      //This path to suit your system
      //$dictionary = '/PRIVATE/FLEX/words';  // the ispell dictionary
      $dictionary = 'H:\RESET';  // the ispell dictionary
      $fp = fopen($dictionary, 'r');
        return false; 
      $size = filesize($dictionary);
    What could be the problem?
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    I'd say its a permissions problem. Move the file "RESET" (which is an odd name for a dictionary) to a directory where the webserver has permissions to read it.

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