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    Unanswered: Connect PocketPC to Pervasive SQL2000i

    I am trying to connect a Symbol MC50 BarCode Reader PDA running PocketPC2003 second edition to a Pervasive SQL2000i database running on a Windows 2003 Server using the WiFi interface built in to the Symbol MC50.
    Symbol says to us an ADOCE DSN-less connection. I have tried this and many other types of connections without success.

    Has anyone successfully connected a PDA through WiFi to a Pervasive SQL2000i database?

    I would appreciate help!

    Gaylan Ward

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    There is no PSQL ODBC driver that runs on PocketPC. You might look at WebServices with VS.NET. You can also look at Visual CE ( I used an older version and was able to access PSQL data from a Pocket PC.
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