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    Unanswered: Help for DLookup Function

    Dear All

    I have fileds like Emp no, Name, Grade etc. in my Master table. I also have a transaction table 'TADA' having the same fileds. The form is based on transaction table 'TADA'. Now I used the dlookup function on 'Emp No' field of form as following.

    If IsNull(DLookup("[EmpNo]", "Combine", "[EmpNo]=forms![TADA]!EmpNo")) Then
    MsgBox "Please Enter Correct Emp No."
    Cancel = True

    End If
    I'm getting error on last two Italic lines.
    Second I want that when a n emp no matched with master table then the name, grade and designation fileds of form populated with master table fileds of name, grade and designation and control transfer to naxt field. Is it possible or not? Please help.


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    Not sure about the EmpNo.Undo and Cancel = True but you might want to look at the syntax on:

    If IsNull(DLookup("[EmpNo]", "Combine", "[EmpNo]=forms![TADA]!EmpNo")) Then

    to (if EmpNo is a string field)
    If IsNull(DLookup("[EmpNo]", "Combine", "[EmpNo]= '" & forms![TADA]!EmpNo & "'")) Then

    or (if EmpNo is a number field)
    If IsNull(DLookup("[EmpNo]", "Combine", "[EmpNo]= " & forms![TADA]!EmpNo & ")) Then
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