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    Unanswered: Image not the same on all reports

    I spend over an hour to figure out my problem, but no luck.
    Maybe, you have the answer.

    I have embedded my leatherhead to all my reports. However, for only one report, the image comes out very unclear.

    I checked the image property settings, I also checked the page setup setting for both reports, and they look the same.

    I have imported both reports into the attached sample. If you PRINT the report “good” and the report “report no good” you will see the different.

    I have also attached the original image.

    My report has a lot of custom setting like groups, menu bar, etc. And I would not like to create the report again.

    Thank you
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    I didn't check the file out (can't at the moment), but here are some ideas:
    1) Try using a linked image instead of an imbedded image (mostly just to test it)
    2) Delete the incriminating image control and put a new one in.
    3) Create a blank report and copy and paste the good and the bad into the same report (this will tell you if it's the control or the report).

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    It is defiantly the report
    I already tested all 3 steps.

    I guess I will have to wait until you have a chance to check the report.


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    You can also try editing the image in Paint or another program and possibly save it as a jpg, gif or another picture format.

    Sometimes I use Microsoft Word to resize the objects as Word does a fairly good job keeping the proportion when adjusting the size (but a good Paint program will do the same). You can even copy and paste the image from Word directly to the Access report but it will be embedded as a Word image (which will be slower coming up if you have a lot of Word images.)
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    I am using the same bitmap file for all reports.
    It is defiantly a report problem
    I just don’t know which of the settings is wrong

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