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    Unanswered: AIX Call script vs. Dot script

    A coworker of mine is having an issue with ksh on AIX whereas a call script ${dir}/script.ksh does not work , but with the addition of a . ${dir}/script.ksh does work. She gets a file not found error when running it as a call script.

    Any ideas. This works fine on HP-UX, but for some reason AIX presents an issue.

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    THough I don't have an answer...

    can you tell me what these two different methods of executing a script are?

    The most obivious way that I know of is to give the script executable permission and just run it...

    and I faily remmeber that . command is used to execute the hidden files like .profile?

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    I think your problem is not connected with the OS. Maybe the administrator of AIX hasn't put the current directory(.) on you PATH environment variable(which is the correct way to set up your session). Putting a dot-slash(./) before the filename to execute it means to search for that script on the current directory. Normally you should execute a script that resides on your current directory like this:


    But you can execute the script on the same shell where you are without giving the execute permission like this:

    . ./my_script


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