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    Unanswered: DTS to execute vb code within a database?

    i have a piece of code in an adp that is currently behind a form but i could put it in a module and make it public if i need to. how can I use DTS to run this piece of code? which connection and task could i use. can this even be done? i have little experiance with DTS.



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    What does the code do? What parameters does it take? I can see a couple of answers to this question depending on circumstances:

    1. If the code in your ADP is something akin to a "batch" process that your users execute by clicking on a button, then you should be able to put this code straight into a SQL scheduled job (you really don't need DTS since one of the job types in SQL is ActiveX script. If you have parameters in the form that your users supply at runtime, you will need to have an alternate method for calculating these parameters.

    2. If the code is doing stuff with data that is local to the users ADP environment, it may/will be a lot trickier. I would need more information if this were the case.

    Note that in either case if the ADP code (should be what, VBA?) uses ActiveX objects that are unique to the user environment, you will need to register those objects on the SQL Server.


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