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    Unanswered: Invalid Primary Key error during table linking


    Something strange has happened to my table. I used Enterprise Manager today to delete 3 columns. When I went to re-link the table using Access Linked Table Manager, it gave me an error. I then deleted the link to the table, and tried to Link it again using 'Get External Data---Link Tables'. I am getting an error (no surprise!):

    " 'dbo.tblSpaceUse.PK_RoomID' is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long".

    When I go into Enterprise Manager to 'manage Indexes' on the table, it shows me that the existing index is in fact dbo.tblSpaceUse.PK_RoomID.

    About a month ago, I had to rename the index, because it had been pointing to the wrong table. The SQL I used to rename it (in Query Analyzer) is:
    EXEC sp_rename 'dbo.tblSpaceUse.PK_RoomID', 'tblSpaceUse.PK_RoomID', 'INDEX'

    I have been using the table successfully since then, until today. I have not done anything with the index; the only change I attempted was to delete 3 columns (not related to the index). I do not think I have made any changes to the table since I renamed the index.

    I tried to run the rename SQL again (a desperate attempt!) and get the error message:
    Server: Msg 15248, Level 11, State 1, Procedure sp_rename, Line 192
    Either the parameter @objname is ambiguous or the claimed @objtype (INDEX) is wrong.

    Any ideas on what went wrong and what I can do to fix it???


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    have fixed the problem by creating the table anew. thanks anyway.

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