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    Unanswered: Games for MSAccess

    I thought I'd share a few games I created in MSAccess (even though this may not be the appropriate place). Maybe there's something useful in the code for someone. They are pretty fun to play (but not like the $50.00 games you'd buy at the store though).
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    you little tempter Paul
    There I was on a tight deadline to deliver a site to a customer and you have to come along with such a blatent timewaster as this.... nice one

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    I know it's been about 4 years since you posted this game, but I thought it was great and tried to implement it as an easter egg for a little program I am writing.

    However, I am having an issue where it doesn't log the winner as a new name in the list, rather it continues to give credit to the original name no matter who is playing and what computer i am trying with another person logged in. Any ideas???

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    Smile You made my mind explode

    Thanks for posting these games, they are a nice diversion from the real work of a database. Simon is truly mental. Is it OK to include this game in my database? I want to make other people strain their brains.

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    really interesting

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